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One hundred Eleven Million…

July 13, 2008

Well, it looks like Gilbert doesn’t need that blog money.


The Toronto Raptors Select…

June 26, 2008

You can’t read??

Well it looks like Chris Bosh can take all the jumpers and even the occasional 3 here and there Roy-roy be 7’2″, if this works out, we’re the sleeper team of the eastern conference… Oh wait, he’s included with the Jermaine O’Neal trade, which means he’s going to Indiana? I don’t like this at all…

Guess Who’s Bizack…

June 20, 2008

Well, it looks like Cito Gaston’s back as the Blue Jays bench boss. Respect game. Maybe he’ll get ’em to start winning like back in Skydome days. Great look on every level, players love it, fans love it, local media loves it, it translates to national (read: ESPN not TSN) media outlets, gettin’ em to play the classic “Joey to left”. Win-win-win situation. Here’s hopping the yankees stink it up and we steal a wild card spot.

I need you to hurry up now…

June 18, 2008

…’cause I can’t wait much longer.”


Second Verse…

June 8, 2008

Same as the first.


If it’s going to happen…

June 5, 2008

Two of these three gentlemen need to step up, every single night (KG I’m looking at you for all 4 of the wins), and the bench must play their best defense of their life. Look forward to hearing my opinions of game one after the fact.