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Why do we fall out of love…

July 6, 2008

XV Feat. Mickey Factz & Jesse Boykins III – The Questions 2008

…After we done makin’ it…”

Props to Heather, Love is love.

Hand me a joint, good music, and room to breathe…

May 21, 2008

…those that doubt Com’ will soon believe.”

Excellent Mickey Factz exclusive interview with Heather [H.E.R.]

I love my city, especially when I get to see this live. [YouTube]

“I feel like there‚Äôs still bitches that owe me sex…” [TSS]

My thoughts exactly. [IATS]

SMH @ Racist white people. [Model Minority]

SMH @ Good Old, In-Debt, North American Close-minded Politics. [Glo-a-Blog]