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Late Pass: Hip-Hop Saved My Life

March 21, 2008

Lupe Fiasco – Hip Hop Saved My Life (feat. Nikki Jean) via The Cool (more…)

It’s True…

March 20, 2008

Spring Time Cometh…


Late Pass: Ching A Ling

March 3, 2008

Criticizing Missy’s lyrical ability makes no sense when a track this CRAZY, bumps THIS HARD. The Arkitects created a monster track. This whole video is exciting and fun, from actual dancing and pop lockin’ done right(Those asian dudes are fucking incredible.) to Missy’s random running in the shot and the Tamborine out of nowhere. (more…)

Late Pass: Anonymous

January 12, 2008

Bobby ValentinoAnonymous via Special Occasion

Everyone is obviously familiar with the term “Wifey.” But what I’d categorize this song under would be “Jump Off.” Over-saturation of 2007 aside, Mr. Mosley KILLED it on this beat. This is the type of song that’s on in the club, and you’ve got a little liquid courage in your system, and while you’re finally on the dancefloor with that cutie that’s been staring at you ALL night with her posse, you’re singing each word into her ear. And contrary to popular belief, I think it’s the little songs like this (no not big pimpin’, not none of the missy, etc.) that in my opinion, pushes him into Hall of Fame status. That and he’s got Keri Hilson on contract, damn that girl’s fine.

Late Pass: I Remember

January 4, 2008

Keyshia Cole – I Remember via Just Like You

That dress makes it official. I’m crushin’ on her. And ain’t this a great ballad? To the point where I’m not even going to front, I was singin’ along with wifey in the ride. The way I picture Keysh in my mind, she’s that girl that you played tag with when you were little, and she was cool, even pop over to her house, (wait, if you watch her reality show, you’d know to scratch that.) and you’d chill, oblivious to the future. Then she’s grows up, and DAMN. The Princess Of Hip-Hop Soul.

Late Pass: Harold & Kumar 2

December 7, 2007

The first one was hilarious. And this one looks like it won’t disappoint.