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Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning G.O.O.D.

January 18, 2008

Cons, ‘Ye – Good Bad Ugly

Yeah I’m 48 hours late on this. I was just waiting for it to reach googletube. This song was way overdue for a video. It should have been Cons first single.

No disrespect to Rik.

And let’s not forget last summer.

Track Four, Verse Two, Don’t Quit Your Day Job!

August 19, 2007

Good morning to ummm, I don’t remember your name
But I remember the brain, here go a fare for the train and
Good morning to Chi-Town, where my niggaz ride down
And bust clowns, and look for some bustdowns, to bust down
And she ain’t got a car, she on the bus now
But her gear is bangin, she one of us now
I wanted badly to bone cuz she was bad to the bone
She from a badder home, she mad when she at home
So I gave her my number to beep off, she wanted to take a week off
Bustin’ scary movie nuts, I had to get the freak off
The new Tom Cruise, took the Moulan Rouge on a too long cruise
She said “I ain’t bonin you with them two long shoes”
And I get bougie in a Grey Poupon mood
So I’m gon act cheap in a coupon mood
She said “Ye’ you don’t love me?
I told her it was good, it’s too bad it got ugly…