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Why do we fall out of love…

July 6, 2008

XV Feat. Mickey Factz & Jesse Boykins III – The Questions 2008

…After we done makin’ it…”

Props to Heather, Love is love.

Hand me a joint, good music, and room to breathe…

May 21, 2008

…those that doubt Com’ will soon believe.”

Excellent Mickey Factz exclusive interview with Heather [H.E.R.]

I love my city, especially when I get to see this live. [YouTube]

“I feel like there‚Äôs still bitches that owe me sex…” [TSS]

My thoughts exactly. [IATS]

SMH @ Racist white people. [Model Minority]

SMH @ Good Old, In-Debt, North American Close-minded Politics. [Glo-a-Blog]

Funny, I just want some of your sun…

January 21, 2008

Fun fact: No day off today for Canadians… SMH.

Track Twelve, Verse Two, Finding Forever

January 3, 2008

Ashes and snowfalls
I wonder when the roll call for heaven gon’ come
forever gon’ come
It’s a cold world and I can never go numb
look fear in the eyes, say I never gon’ run
sooner than later, I know the cheddar gon’ come
for now I write the world letters to better the young
On tree by jury, together we hung
Now we let our chains hang and gang bang to maintain
‘ghanastan goin’ through the same thing
It trickles down at each other we aim pain
I shoot for stars, peace and exclusive cars
Through the while I learned to earn hard
Watch gangstas turn God in the mist of war
no matter how much I elevate, I kiss the floor
It was in the wind when she said Dilla was gone
That’s when I knew we’d live forever through song

But few have been chose, to be a True MC…

August 16, 2007

OMP vs Common

I usually only review shit that I like, or would like. And this album is one of the best out this year.


Track Ten, Verse Two, BE

August 6, 2007


They say “Dude think he righteous”
I write just to free minds, from Stoney to Rikers
Amongst the lifeless, in a world crazy as Mike is
On my paper, whether its weed or Isis
They say “life is a game,” so I play hard
Writin for my life cause I’m scared of a day job
They say “Sef kept the hood together”
I tell the young, “We can’t play the hood forever
Play my cards right, they say I went to left
They showed me strange love, like I was Mr. F
Played chess in this game of, pawns and knights
Now I claim “King” like Don, or Frank White
They say my life is comparable to Christ’s
The way I sacrificed, and resurrected, twice
They say “The crochet pants and the sweater was wack
Seen “The Corner“, now they say “That nigga’s back,” uh…