One Man, One City.

Quick disclaimer for those who’ve noticed that I’m affiliated to some dope ass sites.

I’m not here to reproduce latest headlines. These are just my thoughts. My Thoughts > Your Thoughts.

If I feel they warrant a post, it’ll get one.


I’m a Twenty-something.
I’m half Jamaican half Canadian, yet rarely speak patrios.
I’m a Gemini. Some of the best human beings are. 😉
I’m for the legalization and taxation of Marijuana to help fund schools, after school programs, and Health care. No seriously.
I’m a casual reader.
I’m pro-choice.
I’m pro-black. (Not anti-________)
I’m a staunch optimist.
I’m intolerant towards some e-thug bullshit though.
I’m not necessarily a connected person, but my network is pretty big.
I’m not going to post very many in depth posts about myself. Because I like my arms’ length internet privacy and anonymities, hence no myspace or facebookin’.
I’m a patriotic Canadian.
I’m pseudo-libertarian.
I vote, therefore I complain about my country, can’t have one without the other.
I’m a video game fanatic.
I’m a diehard Raptors fan and absolutely HATE the Leafs. Figure it out.

Here goes nothing,

-T. Dot

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