Late Pass: Hostile Gospel Pt. 1

Talib Kweli – Hostile Gospel Pt. 1 (Deliver Us) via Eardrum

I love it, whenever the message matches the visual. Talib is one of those artists that consciously (no yeaah baby) takes that into consideration when the cameras turn on. And why not right? Instead of bouncing around on some soundstage somewhere in the states, cashing in the usual label check, why not just cruise the inner streets of Nigeria? Of course their ghetto is just THAT MUCH MORE GRIMEY than yours.  And you know not a lot of MCs could actually sucessfully pull riding around on scooters, nevermind the roads of Nigeria WITH camera crew, where a stray one coulda caught him at ANY TIME. That mural is crazy dope. I’m not gonna front, I could do without the people catching the holy ghost, but the rest of it is pretty powerful. And the people are just beautiful. Visiting the motherland, although cliche, is still something that I wanna do someday.

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