Late Pass: All Around The World

Lloyd – All Around The World (Feat. Lil’ Wayne) via Lessons In Love

Well it looks like a good pairing, and the formula that worked for “You” off “Street Love” is duplicated, and I can’t front, the song is pretty hot. Jackin’ Paid In Full is no easy task to pull off while maintaining credibility with an original song concept, props to the producers on that one. Weezy, you mailed it in on this one and thats just my personal opinion, and you’re talking to the man who will slap someone in the face with Dedication 2 if they try to discount you as at least, a standout in the land of ringtone microwave rap. I might dust off the old review hat for TC3, we’ll see, I’m still digesting it. Hype behind the camera, so no wonder all of the women are absolutely gorgeous.

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