Second Verse…

Same as the first.

I’m just going to get right down to it. Kobe’s pissed so either one of two things are going to happen, he’s either going to win Game 2 by himself, or get into foul trouble trying, and Pau and Lamar will have to bail him out. I anticipate the Lakers to come out early and dominate from tip, whether or not the bench will maintain said gained lead is another story. We’re due for an Eddie House jumper to tie it up, late in the 3rd and from there it’ll be who can hit their jumper off screens, wins. From there Kobe will either dominate the 4th, or the big three will shut it down. I’m going with a big three shutdown. Another 20 and 10 from you KG, please and thank you. Wouldn’t it make sense for Pierce to have a quiet game, and Ray-Ray to go off?

…Boston 2-0


One Response to “Second Verse…”

  1. reythehussein Says:

    Heh, as you know by now, your prophecy was correct. The Celtic’s are up 3-1. I’m surprised cuz I thought this series would be more competitive.

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