Icon Status…

Dude was pretty much the personification of Cool.

I’ll never forget that day. I’d be messing around with my dad’s record player, blaring Earth Wind & Fire, bopping along to the drumlines. And all of a sudden the music stopped, of course my oreos and milk immediately parked themselves on the coffee table. As I went to investigate the situation, I saw that my father was replacing “That’s the Way of the World” with “A Man and His Music“. The saxophone flutters, the horn stabs, the gentle sway brush sticks on the snare and hi-hat, the golden audio buffet that is the American songbook and then of course that legendary, not classically or professionally trained, yet timeless voice…

I was six years old. My music tastes fortunately and eclectically changed, forever.

The man held down three major cities. He pretty much has his first and last name, each separately or together etched into Pop culture forever. His Fed file is longer than the NYC Marathon, now that’s gangsta. Part of the elite “Host and Won” Academy Award club. I’m guessing his musical career doesn’t even need mentioning. I can’t believe it was 10 years ago that the legend left us. R.I.P. Ol’ Blue Eyes…

Frank Sinatra – My Way (Best Of) (2CD)


3 Responses to “Icon Status…”

  1. Good Times Says:

    Thanks very much, I absolutely love a drop of Frank Sinatra, whats the password?

  2. reythehussein Says:

    What up T-Dizzle? Review of Kanye’s show is up at the Alumnah.

  3. Ivan Says:


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