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Track Twelve, Verse Two, Moment Of Truth

May 30, 2008

Peace to the young ladies, who wanna bone me much
And peace to my nigga Premier, with the golden touch
I never fall off point, like DeNiro in Casino
Peace to Black Gambinos and all my peoples
dig the steelo — I’m fightin wars you know
as in the Jihad, most humble, most merciful
That’s because I be God, I trog through fogs, puffing logs
MC’s muttering menial madness, they get mobbed
Scarred and barred, and then, banished from my fuckin kingdom
You got a fly one bring one, or else I come to fling some
exquisite exotic exciting type shit
Enough to make the real heads wake up and get hype quick
I’m type slick, known as the God Universal
Kick rhymes without rehearsal, I cross the burnin sands
Now I stand here with virtue, of course I could hurt you
simply with my point of view, and I knew
that many would come, that’s why I’ve chosen
to cut off pathways, and there’s no runways or doorways open
for the jokers who ain’t focused
And all the fake mercenaries get buried by the tongue of terrifying fury
Nothing’s blurry, fuck it I got no worries
Hearts and minds, shine bright light with insight
Yeah sense my birthright to set up cyphers with power
cause mad shit ain’t right, like punks in the spotlight
who can’t freestyle, sometimes I make my peeps smile
by sayin somethin crazy wild
like some shit off my dome, that be soundin
better than the next man’s whole album…

I’ll let the music do the talking…

May 28, 2008

Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker – Hot House (1952)

No Foul…

May 28, 2008

Quote Unquote.

Late Pass: I Like The Way She Do It

May 21, 2008

G-Unit – I Like The Way She Do It (uncut) via T.O.S.


Hand me a joint, good music, and room to breathe…

May 21, 2008

…those that doubt Com’ will soon believe.”

Excellent Mickey Factz exclusive interview with Heather [H.E.R.]

I love my city, especially when I get to see this live. [YouTube]

“I feel like there‚Äôs still bitches that owe me sex…” [TSS]

My thoughts exactly. [IATS]

SMH @ Racist white people. [Model Minority]

SMH @ Good Old, In-Debt, North American Close-minded Politics. [Glo-a-Blog]

Icon Status…

May 13, 2008

Dude was pretty much the personification of Cool.