Lil’ Darlin’…

Sometimes when you let random do it’s thing, you come across incredible songs at the most perfect time. To this day it’s still holds one of my top 5 favourite guitar solos. Seeing the last of the snowhills melt away in the streets reminds me that summer couldn’t be on it’s way sooner.

2 Responses to “Lil’ Darlin’…”

  1. ReyTheHussein Says:

    Dude, I just checked your concert list. You’re seeing Kanye on 5/20? I’m going on 5/13! Are you gonna review the concert on here? I think I’m gonna review it on IATS instead of Alumnah.

    Anyway, I made sure to link to your site on the big tourney results page.

    Stay up!

    –R dot Mundo

  2. T DOT Says:

    Long story short (and I REALLY don’t want to get into, because I’m kinda pissed about it)
    things are still up in the air about me going.
    I might have to hold off until Good Ass Job or Universecity drops and see him then.
    But I’ll definitely check for your review; the MSG show should be probably one of the best on the tour behind the chicago stop.

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