Late Pass: Ching A Ling

Criticizing Missy’s lyrical ability makes no sense when a track this CRAZY, bumps THIS HARD. The Arkitects created a monster track. This whole video is exciting and fun, from actual dancing and pop lockin’ done right(Those asian dudes are fucking incredible.) to Missy’s random running in the shot and the Tamborine out of nowhere.

I’d rather have a fun video like this to look at, then the usual run of the mill ice grill, look at my prototype 1 in 12 car made in nowheresticstan, look at my backyard, now look at my local club filled with people pandering for camera time and probably don’t know my name. So thank you Missy, for remembering and reminding others that Hip-Hop is supposed to be FUN and serious maaaaaaaaaan.


One Response to “Late Pass: Ching A Ling”

  1. reythehussein Says:

    Tell you what, I can’t stand Missy, but you bring up a good point. Missy can’t ever be categorized as a trend jumper.

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