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Track One, Verse Two, Mama Said Knock You Out

March 21, 2008


Girlies wanna ride with a brother like me
Cause they be hear me gettin’ funky frequently
They tell me don’t drink and drive, I say what is this
Pass the Heineken and mind your business
Roll up a fat one and pass it around
Laid back, hypnotized by the funky sound
People in the street see me bobbin my head
While I’m checkin’ out the rapper and the rhyme that he said
I’m frontin’, and I don’t care if you know
The backseat of my car is like a disco show
You would think I was a good friend of Al Capone
Crazy air freshener, who needs cologne
Bottom to the bottom to the top to the top
Cruise – it’s 3 o’clock
The girlies, they smile, they see me comin’
I’m steady hummin’, I got the Funky Drummer drummin’
My trunk be shakin’, vibratin’ and rattlin’
Pumpin’ so loud, all the shorties be battlin’
A right-hand man’s here without the swing
Every chance I get I’m showin’ off my rings
I can keep it up until the break of dawn
Cos I’m frontin’ in my ride and my word is bond

You don’t even know what ride is…

March 21, 2008

The streets of Toronto are fucking filthy right now, the snow isn’t melting fast enough, so it’s just heeps of black dirty ice with small to big pieces of trash stuck in ’em. When really downtown Toronto, when clean, is actually one of the greatest places just to walk around and marvel at. Saukrates keeps shit so funky sometimes, piano used right automatically gives way to the beat nod,  Kardi is crazy sometimes. Minus the obvious innuendo, girls smoking cigars is still hot when presented right. This video is just Canadian swagger at it’s best, regardless of ridin’ on petals or off roads.

Late Pass: Hip-Hop Saved My Life

March 21, 2008

Lupe Fiasco – Hip Hop Saved My Life (feat. Nikki Jean) via The Cool (more…)

It’s True…

March 20, 2008

Spring Time Cometh…


Got the Armor All Touch, Empty out the dutch…

March 16, 2008
…No Tobacco spillin’ on my rug clutz…”

Real recognize Real. [Rey @ Alumnah]
Now I’m questioning your trendsetting. [NR]
Absolutely hilarious. [H.E.R.]
Great read. Great Album. [TSS]
It had to start somewhere right? [HHIR]
It don’t feel right… (c) The Legendary Roots Crew [TheRapUp]

Track Nineteen, Verse Three, Late Registration

March 11, 2008

Knock knock, who’s there? Killa Cam, Killa who?
Killa Cam, hustler, grinder, gorilla true
Oh my chinchilla blue, blue you ever dealt with a dealer
Well here’s the deal ma we goin to the dealer, boo
No concealin, no ceiling I don’t need a roof
Act up, get out, I don’t need you poof
Poof, be gone, damn tough luck dag
Dag, niggaz still doin puff puff pass
Pull the truck up fast and I tell ’em
Hey, back in a touched up Jag, shit
Y’all niggaz want a Killa Cam cerebellum
An old man just gon’ tell ’em (too late, he, gone)
Then I see how y’all gonna react when I’m (gone)
My last girl want me back then I’m on
Fine stay, you got the grind hey
Came back, read what the sign say (too late, he, gone)
Yes I know you wanna see my demise
Yeah you church boy actin like a thief in disguise
Ain’t leavin my side, see the greed in my eyes
Ask Abby y’all hustle for a week to the Chi, shit
And that ain’t even a lie, please believe me
Gave Weezy a piece of the pie, and
You can ask George or Regina
The whole Westside I explore with the Beemer now