And I’m back to tear it up…

…Haters start your engines, I hear ’em gearin’ up”

Not on my Top 10 list of all time, but a legend nonetheless. [TSS]

Why Obama Is Jay-Z and Hillary Is Cam’ron [The New Republic]

“But on the up and up, ya’ll FUCKIN’ SUCK.” [HipHopIsRead]

Absolutely incredible and day making news. [NR]

Ty talkin’ about the best sport in the world. [Alumnah]

I’m still bias towards the old Spike Lee joints, but this is still great. [H.E.R.]


One Response to “And I’m back to tear it up…”

  1. tyrone biggums Says:

    good looks on the drop T Dot, I didn’t know you started a blog too I’m a have to make sure to make this one of my regular stops

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