As I recall, I know you like to show off…


*cracks knuckles*

Been saving this for a SPECIAL OCCASION… (c) Redman.

Trixx (A Former[duh] Host of Toronto’s Flow 93.5) – Yuk Yuk’s Encore Set December 30th

“Like Martin with no Gina
Like a flight with no visa
First class with the seat back I still see ya”

If you’re not from Toronto, then you wouldn’t understand how difficult it is that we have ONE. Count ’em. ONE urban music station. They tried (read: applied for) to get one in ’91, nope. Instead we got ANOTHER FUCKING COUNTRY STATION (making it 3 or 4 on the dial), ’97? Nope, instead the publically known government funded CBC upgrades their AM station to that open FM slot. Which automatically showed me and others that the CRTC was unquestionably ageist and racist. I mean, come on, we’re talking about the city with the largest Caribbean festival in North America, 40+ years running, in one of the most culturally diverse cities IN THE WORLD.

So throughout the years we were satisfied with Buffalo’s WBLK 93.7, because it was decent, the hosts were good not great, and it wasn’t held down by Canadian content restrictions. And then in 2001 it finally happened, Bob Marley was the first song they played, and it was all good right? WRONG!! WRONG!! (c) Charlie Murphy.

FLOW 93.5 from jump, was hot garbage. Floundering song selections, inept hosts, LOWER single digit number of DJs, and a total disconnect from “the scene” plagued the station since it’s birth, not to mention the city’s notorious rep of being the “Screwface Capital” of the world.

And when Trixx finally (I’ve been following him since his Project Bounce days. Word to DJ Ritz, DJ Law, and DJ Mensa.) made the jump from college radio to the big time in 2006, I finally thought they were heading in the right direction. Trixx is fucking hilarious, How hilarious? He opened for Chappelle, POST AFRICA, SOLD OUT, and KILLED IT (He’s also on Muchmusic from time to time, He’s multi-talented.). And when Trixx got on Flow, I started listening again, specifically to Trixx, which later translated into me giving the station another shot, and I ventured out and caught a couple other different shows.

But like I said, from the very beginning, the place has always been a sort of suspect. Everyone is scared for their jobs, most lose them without any knowledge or reason, and it’s just run poorly. And of course just like all things, if there’s no song variety, no other station competition, no show selection, especially in the radio industry, YOU FAIL.

And just incase if you’re following, yes, we’re talking about the same radio station that Kanye FLIPPED OUT ON, way back when. Because of course Kanye’s bullshit meter is IMPECCABLE.

Kanye AIRING OUT Flow 93.5

(SMH @ Wayne Williams stepping in to do the interview, RANDOMLY. Trying to act like a friend.)
(Applause @ Kanye putting his foot down.)

“Feelin’ like Katrina with No FEMA…”

The management have a sort of arrogance about them due to this fact. Hence the sort of “Yeah we’ll fire you randomly, where else you gonna go?” type stance from them, and then Trixx’ reaction. The two top stations in terms of listeners in Toronto are, of course non-threatening Adult Contemp, but they VIE for listeners VICIOUSLY. (*puts the T DOT horn down*) And I should know, I’m in the industry. Can’t you tell?

What Trixx is saying here is basically the general consensus of Toronto, regardless if you ask kids in Scarlem or Jane-n-Finch, Mississauga or Don Mills. The station that’s supposed to represent us, and hip-hop as a whole, doesn’t. And it’s even independently black owned, yet it feels like just another conglomerate owned white run station. And it’s a damn shame after all that hard work, all those petitions… We get just another elitist clubhouse with microphones, that look at billboard charts and claim Nelly Furtado as canadian content, AND NO, HAVING THE MEGACITY COUNTDOWN DOESN’T FIX SHIT. THEY DIDN’T HAVE THAT AT THE BEGINNING, SO it’s sort of a “Too little Too Late.” situation. I wish we’d have a sort of Hot 97 vs. Power 105 event happen here, like back in 2002. But of course we won’t. It was hard enough getting just ONE station, never mind getting a second.

“If somebody woulda told me a year ago / It’ll go get this difficult…”

Really, in the end this might seem like just a canadian black dude on stage griping and complaining right? but it’s more than that. Imagine one day Funk Flex stepping on stage of his car show, and saying “Fuck Hot 97. They won’t let me play Black Moon, Buckshot, Sean Price, and Onyx on a non-special occasion. When my mixes are MY MIXES. Instead they want soulja boy’s three singles mixed back to back. So fuck them.”

HOW MONUMENTAL WOULD THAT BE!? Seriously, put your internet anonymity and hate aside. And think about that.

It’s basically the same situation here in Toronto. I’m not saying Trixx is the same level as Funk Fliggety, but I’m appropriating them both in terms of a recognizable character for their city, region, profession. It’s been the hot topic at the barbershops, ball courts, and classrooms. Trixx has a fan following. A pretty big one. And they’ve been betrayed by the only mainstream urban radio station Toronto’s ever had. And it’s a damn shame. Because they KEEP shooting themselves in the foot, YEAR AFTER YEAR. And due to everyone being buddy buddy in the owners box, the players on the field suffer, and the audience is being disrespected. Wow kinda sounds like The Maple Leafs, BUT THATS ANOTHER BLOG POST FOR ANOTHER DAY.

And I’m a proud twenty something Black Man(Power to the people, etc. so on and so forth), and to see (and I know because I’m in the room during the conversations) the other (read: White owned, run, and mostly operated) stations laugh as the rumor mills go into overdrive for the new year. And turmoil further spews from the building on 211 Yonge St. Is a FUCKING DISGRACE.

It also hurts the city because if the station is wack, artists from across the border won’t make the trip up here to perform and promote. Nevermind the hard time they have just TRYING TO CROSS the border. If there’s nothing worth while on the other side, why should they go?

“In my past, you on the other side of the glass
Of my memory’s museum…”

Wayne Williams, step down. It’s time. You don’t know what Toronto wants anymore, and you’re just looking after your self-interests. It’s time for new blood. The morning show SUCKS now that you got rid of Mark Strong and Gem, RANDOMLY, just like you did Trixx. Those three people ALONE were THE BEST THING GOING FOR YOUR STATION. Thank god you still have Christopher Michaels, Spex, and Dr. Jay. Because if one of those were to leave, or if you RANDOMLY fired them. It’d be the final nail in the coffin. Eminem >>> Benzino style.

“I hate these niggaz more than a nazi…”

But congratulations, you’re further cementing the sentiment around the city.


“But I never thought that you would take it this far
What do I know? What do I knooow, knoooooooow?”

Automatic apologizes for all of the parenthesis’s.

*cues up Lauryn Hill’s “Lost Ones”*
*lights the dutchie and walks away*

4 Responses to “As I recall, I know you like to show off…”

  1. Milan Says:

    Not hating on what you’re saying, cuz I’m not an insider and I don’t know the inner workings of the radio station, but what exactly do you want from a mainstream urban radio station in Toronto? Are you saying that Caribana is the only evidence we need to prove that they should play more reggae or soca? Where are the numbers to prove that this could be a successful, viable, sustainable venture at a commercial level?

  2. T DOT Says:

    what exactly do you want from a mainstream urban radio station in Toronto?

    Who said Flow was mainstream?


    Are you saying that Caribana is the only evidence we need to prove that they should play more reggae or soca?
    It’s the best evidence, well that, and the best shows on Flow, and I mean entertaining, music, and host collectively, just so happens to be the soca and reggae shows.


    Where are the numbers to prove that this could be a successful, viable, sustainable venture at a commercial level?


    I’d put up numbers (like their overall listenership vs. other stations).

    But I don’t want to embarrass anyone.

    I’m in the industry, but I obviously don’t work at flow. (Had and still have friends there). Therefore I don’t have the individual timeslot ratings. So this line of questioning is moot. But greatly defensive, Nice try though. 😉

    Overall, the station could be great. It’s not. And it’s no one’s fault but their own. It’s a shame too, because if they’d follow half of the blueprint laid out for them south of the border, they’d at least achieve a higher level of mediocrity.

    Instead, we have “The New Flow” “90% shitty, so 10% are listening”

  3. Nicole Says:

    I don’t pretend to understand what’s really going on behind the scenes but I do know this (without being biased towards anybody) THE MORNING SHOW SUCKS SO BAD IT’S EMBARRASSING. I can’t understand how the powers that be can’t see how shitty this station is, and even Specs show on Sunday night needs some improvement. He doesn’t play any of Sample King’s songs and he is one of the hottest dancehall artists that Toronto has right now. I stopped listening to that station a long time ago but I wouldn’t urge anyone to boycott the station because I have a strong feeling that we would be hurting ourselves. Those two in the mornings sound like two clowns and the shit they talk about doesn’t even appeal to my eight year old sister. It’s so sickening how they play the same songs over and over again. This station is for little white kids who live up north and bob their heads to anything with a beat. This station does not represent me- A young intelligent black woman, living in the T dot who loves quality black music and I don’t have many options in terms of other radio stations. Oh, go ahead now and dare to call me racist.

  4. T DOT Says:

    Like the music businesses it’s catering to and working with, specific formats within it are no longer relevant.

    About spec’s show, there’s always room for improvement, and there are always artists that are overlooked. But I agree, Sample King is the truth.

    And there’s absolutely positively nothing wrong with a strong intelligent black woman. 🙂

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