Late Pass: Anonymous

Bobby ValentinoAnonymous via Special Occasion

Everyone is obviously familiar with the term “Wifey.” But what I’d categorize this song under would be “Jump Off.” Over-saturation of 2007 aside, Mr. Mosley KILLED it on this beat. This is the type of song that’s on in the club, and you’ve got a little liquid courage in your system, and while you’re finally on the dancefloor with that cutie that’s been staring at you ALL night with her posse, you’re singing each word into her ear. And contrary to popular belief, I think it’s the little songs like this (no not big pimpin’, not none of the missy, etc.) that in my opinion, pushes him into Hall of Fame status. That and he’s got Keri Hilson on contract, damn that girl’s fine.


3 Responses to “Late Pass: Anonymous”

  1. h.e.r. Says:


  2. ReyTheHussein Says:

    1- It’s “Hilson”.

    2- I’m a renowned Anti-Timbo guy, but this track was dope. Good vocals by Bobby, nice beat. I appreciate any love song with non-cliche lyrics.

    3- Excellent breakdown, you pegged the vibe of this song spot on.

  3. T DOT Says:

    I got all hot and excited at the pic I didn’t proof read. lol.
    my bad.

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