I moves ’em daily.


I watch movies. Lots of them. Wanna know which 10 I liked most this year?

10. The Bourne Ultimatum

This trilogy has a special place in my heart because of my lil’ crush on Julia Stiles. I feel as though this trilogy is like Kanye’s albums. Each classic, each dramatically different than the other, and all are equally entertaining. Matt Damon obliterates fools, and it’s on some “whatever-i-can-find-and-or-come-up-with” type shit not some “my-watch-can-stop-the-earth-on-its’-axis-with-one-button” type shit. And the car chase(s) in this one might be the best of the decade. And some of the locations are so exotic, and the things they do in those locations, is what also makes this one incredibly entertaining final installment to an exciting trilogy. Plus the ending was awesome.

9. Across The Universe

Straight up, it’s a Beatles musical. And not liking the Beatles is like not liking oxygen. And apparently all the actors walked into the booth and recorded all their own vocals, which I applaud. This was actually an ALRIGHT movie. What elevated (pun intended) it to my top 10 list is the different takes of the various Beatles hits. Let It Be, was absolutely breath-taking. To most, this is a movie to see just to say you saw it. For me it was a good not great, yet highly memorable experience. Plus the Bono cameo was priceless just based on hilarity factor alone.

8. Beowulf

I saw it in IMAX, walking in with no expectations once so ever. And I was completely blown away. Hopefully due to it’s strong showing in the box office, we’ll be getting more of these types of movies, because although I know those Pixar pictures are a license to print money for Disney etc, it’s also good to cater to JUST the double digit aged audience with a digital movie experience. Excellent work with the camera angles while working with the motion capture effect. Plus Angelina Jolie’s in it. Nuff said.

7. & 6. Grindhouse

I’m definitely a Quentin stan. And Robert Rodriguez crafted the masterpiece that is Sin City. Rosario Dawson, Cheech, and Rose McGowan are all worth the price of admission. Death Proof is anchored beautifully by Kurt Russel. And all my favourite Quentin-isms are there: the obscure pop-culture references, the lengthy continuous single-shot, his publicly admitted foot fetish (Which I don’t share, don’t judge, yet absolutely love about him.) and the vivacious dialogue. The trailers and promos inbetween are hilarious. And Vanessa Ferlito, wow. It was probably the most fun I’ve had in a movie theater this year.

5. Talk To Me

Half way into the movie, I forgot it was Don Cheadle. Dude, became Ralph “Petey” Greene. Don should have gotten a Oscar nomination, word to Jamie Foxx. And Taraji P. Henson is such a damn cutie. But I’m a Boston Legal FANATIC, so my love for her runs deep. But what made this top ten status (besides Cheadle’s phenomenal performance) was how the movie also portrayed a pivotal moment in history: MLK Jr’s assassination. And they did it with class, showing true angst and anger among a 1970s black Washington. Another good not great movie, with undertones and a plot that I found appealing.

4. Transformers

Step back. Think about it. A FUCKING TRANSFORMERS MOVIE. HOW FUCKING BAD ASS IS THAT. Shia is a joker. Megan Fox is a tidal wave of hotness. Anthony Anderson is absolutely hilarious. Big budget, big explosions, good collaborative cast, original lines extracted from the original cartoon to satisfy the fanboys, introduction to two hollywood future stars(double fingers crossed for Megan Fox.). I’m going to take a wild guess, and say this was probably one of the movies of the summer. And I thought it was absolutely amazing.

3. Pursuit Of Happyness


“But T. Dot, I can clearly see from the movie poster that this was released in 2006.” I know it was. I went to it on opening night (Dec 15th not Xmas, because you know how shit always gets pushed up.) and brought a couple of my little single digit cousins along, and I was happy I did. Just to hear from them how much the movie impacted them. Each one, teach one is a saying I take seriously. Anyways, this movie LIVED most in 2007. Plus this is my list, I’ll do whatever the fuck I want with it, and you love it. Will was nominated for an Oscar, and rightfully so. His portrayal of Chris Gardiner is awe-inspiring. And lil’ Jalen is a cool kid. I actually read Chris Gardiner’s book which this movie was based on, and it changed my life for the better. Yep, it’s that good. Which is probably why I was also the only one cheering when he made a cameo near the end of the movie. Yeah, I’m a dork like that. Just seeing it on the screen and being able to share the experience with cousins and seeing how a piece of film can be so inspiring.

2. Knocked Up

You saw it yourself. And if you haven’t. Go. It’s the second funniest wide release movie of 2007. No exaggeration. Heigl is stunning. But any Grey’s Anatomy fan already knew that. My favourite part? the Ryan Seacrest cameo. I thought Wedding Crashers was better (read: funnier) than 40-Year Old Virgin, but Paul Rudd is a beast, and I’m glad he did his thing here like in the previous Apatow offering. But Knocked Up restored my stance of Judd Apatow as a director, because we all know dude (these days) can write a pitch to a studio on the back of a pack of tampons, and get it co-signed immediately. And any movie that starts off with ODB’s Shimmy Shimmy Ya as their intro song for the title and first minute of the movie, simply wins.

1. Superbad

Look at the poster. And tell me you didn’t at least bust a smirk, if you didn’t at least chuckle a bit. Hands down funniest movie of 2007. Too many quotes. Too many situations. Too many characters. All amazing. Fun fact: The word “fuck” is said 186 times in the movie; it’s only 118 minutes long. Thats like a fuck and a half per minute. Which also makes it my favourite movie of 2007.

If I’m missing something, feel free to comment below, I’d love to know what movies ya’ll loved in ’07.
And look out for more ’07 wrap up lists. Because I love writing them, and ya’ll love reading them. Admit it.


2 Responses to “I moves ’em daily.”

  1. h.e.r. Says:

    now i want popcorn

  2. ReyTheHussein Says:

    I dig these kindsa lists!

    Okay, let’s do this:

    10- Didn’t see it. I’ve only seen the 2nd one, even tho’ I have part 3 on DVD here at the crib.

    9- Didn’t see. Has the stigma of being a movie one of my stupider exes enjoyed, therefore, I cannot partake. Sorry.

    8- I thought Beowulf was okay. CGI Angelina was nice. I saw the 3D version and I thought that was neat.

    7- Planet Terror was awesome. I dug the whole thing, except for Rose Mcgowan’s colagen enhanced lips. The trailers before and after were f’n sick. I can’t believe they didn’t end up on the DVD. (i might be mistaken on that, but I think I’m right..)

    6- I’m a huge fan of Q.T., but I thought this one missed the mark. Maybe on it’s own it would’ve been neat, or even as the first film, but following up Planet Terror was a bad idea, as I thought the better film went first. Classic Q.T. tho’.

    5- I didn’t see this one either. I like Don Cheadle tho’.

    4- Transformers was f’n awesome. Such a fun ride, and I got into the story and the characters. Seeing Optimus on the big screen was incredible. I think I enjoyed this movie the most out of any flick this year.

    3- “Pursuit” was good too. Will Smith is amazing in any role. The guy just delivers constant performances that people can connect to. Plus, I could relate to the story as myself and Pop Dukes found ourselves with no place to go a couple times. It brought up some tough memories. Good flick tho’.

    2- First things First, I thought 40 YO Virgin was waaayyyy better than Wedding Crashers. I liked “Knocked Up” tho’. Seth Rogan’s chucle got annoying, and seeing it the first time brought up a whole gang of baby mama drama issues, but seeing it again on DVD after some mental rehab helped me enjoy it.

    1- No argument here. Superbad was awesome, hilarious, quotable.. Sheeit, McLovin is my AIM buddy icon.

    I’d add “Live Free or Die Hard” and “I Am Legend” to this list, but I have no quarrell with it.

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