One you never heard of, I…

“Push it hard to further the, grind I feel like murder but, Hip-Hop has saved me.”

“This is the moment, when it all began.” Amazing. Monumental. Historical. [HipHopIsRead]

It’s the re-up, so I gotta show love. [H.E.R.]

I’m WAY late on this, but it’s fire. [CYBERTHUGS]

Not bad, not bad at all. [NahRight]

I caught this live. Beautiful instrumentation version, I’d love to see a CDQ of this. [TSS]

Like I said, there’s a CRS album to be made. Glad to see the M.V.P. of 07 in good spirits. [TheRapUp]


2 Responses to “One you never heard of, I…”

  1. The XFacta Says:

    Good looking my dude!

  2. h.e.r. Says:

    bare witness to the greatest, can’t beat us, join us!
    once again it’s on..

    :o] lol thanks for the love, love posting this link once i learn how lol

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