Track Fifteen, Verse Three, The Coolest Mixtape

Download the Coolest Mixtape here.

If I was in charge of it
I’d stop feeding all of the nonsense
I’d starve all of it
I have ’em put the black experience on Mount Rushmore
I make em carve all of it
And then film a movie titled “We Made It”
And it stars all of us
I’d write the theme song, then we’d all cut it
Give us a deal then ball on the budget
Then start a magazine and put us all on the cover
I’d give all the awards to the single baby mothers
I’d resurrect Malcolm, have him to talk to the hustlers
Resurrect the slaves and give em all butlers
Chi-town Guevara, F N’ F UP!


2 Responses to “Track Fifteen, Verse Three, The Coolest Mixtape”

  1. h.e.r. Says:

    you’re the man…!

  2. reythehussein Says:

    Lupe is awesome. I’m waiting to see if somebody gets me “The Cool” for Christmas. If nobody does I’m copping it immediately.

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