Track Ten, Verse Three, Fantastic Vol. 2

yea, yea to the beat
yea, yea ya know it can’t-can’t stop
it can’t-can’t quit
Stance answers put up your hands and fist
for the band, and if ya can’t stand
one of my man’s dance, sleeping on some sandman shit(c’mon)
Like damn man! wake up, as we bring the action
Don’t be standing like a grand-slam hit(c’mon)
for the whole fam flippin’ on the handstand tip(c’mon)
We get the dough weight up, straight up, the wham-bamm hits,
before we go-go, we gettin’ on some damn-wham shit,
a-gainst, as for second hand brand kicks.
Rippin’ from the Beatdown to San Fran-sis to Japan land,
it’s the br-and new, we can’t can’t, movin’ like the trans am
do-do, don’t stop we can’t can’t quit, we can’t-can’t…


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