Late Pass: Seven Day Fool

Jully Black – Seven Day Fool via Revival

When I was babbling on about Jully Black, I totally forgot that a majority of my readership probably doesn’t know of, her. When her first album dropped in ’05, it got “illegally downloaded over 2.8 million times.” That means 2.8 million people, logged on, searched out, and downloaded her album. Pause for a second and analyze her situation. A Black Canadian songwriter and RnB upstart immediately captures a viral following, yet only translated it into 15,000 sales. Which of course once again showcases the ineptitude of the Canadian Music Industry. Anyways, here’s her latest. It’s the voice. It’s powerful. And she’s got that 2007 Tina Turner meets Jill Scott’s homegrown-ness thing going for her here. Which is kinda hot. Because of the positions I hold and/or get myself into, I’ve actually had chances to meet her on several occasions, and she’s incredibly funny, sassy, extremely down-to-earth, and I hope big things happen for her in ’08. Peep other things on the interweb of her. I actually got off my ass and bought her new album because of those encounters; great people deserve great support.


One Response to “Late Pass: Seven Day Fool”

  1. reythehussein Says:

    I liked this.

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