The Circle rocks the spot…

Rascalz – Northern Touch (remix) (Feat. Kardinal Offishall, Choclair, Checkmate & Thrust) via Northern Touch 12″

And why not? Jully Black and k-os we’re going to hop on the track and couldn’t because of scheduling issues. But this was the anthem 10 years ago. Sort of a timeline moment of, “yes Maestro did his thing, but it’s our time now.” Couple of things to point out before I get to some backstory. Familiar sample eh? Just remember that this song came out first. Peep a young Eaton Centre shopping, bartending, still looking fine as ever, and 100% Canadian, Melyssa Ford chillin on Choclair’s lap. So wait who’s directing this video you ask? Mr. Protégé of Hype Williams himself, Little 3rd Last Letter. And then imagine performing this at the Junos the following year after boycotting the award? PRICELESS. And they TORE IT DOWN. Too bad flash in the pan has-been late night talk show host(at the time), and host of the awards that year, Mike Bullard (google him, he exists and at the same time gets no link love.) opened his fat mouth and simultaneously poked fun at them and the canadian hip-hop industry as a whole, immediately after the performance kinda backhandedly. But for the youth of TorontoCanada, it was a quiet triumph and although small, there was a market, an audience, and talent.

4 Responses to “The Circle rocks the spot…”

  1. reythehussein Says:

    Wow… I used to catch this video on Much Music!

    This sample was maaaad popular 10 years ago. “Get at me dog” by DMX and “Die for you” (or whatever it was called) from Ma$e featuring Puffy and Lil’ Kim..

    I didn’t know these guys used it first.



  2. T DOT Says:

    They sampled the song IN THAT WAY, first.
    I can’t believe I bought that mase album, when it first came out.
    I fully bought into the Puff hype machine early on.

  3. reythehussein Says:

    Whoa Whoa Whoa.. Harlem World was dope. Try listening to it again. Ma$e had skills.

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    […] I was babbling on about Jully Black, I totally forgot that a majority of my readership probably doesn’t know […]

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