Blow the smoke out…

When you’ve had/are having a great weekend, sometimes a theme song materializes. What you see was this weekend’s in my world.

Yo, Where my killa tape at?

I’m cookin’ a couple of things. Sundays’ll do that. That new LB is floating around. Those dudes are absolute fools with it adding the txt file in the zip. Lovin’ it. I’m also going to get started on some sports rants here and there, seeing as how basketball is starting soon and the fantasy leagues are firing up. And up here hockey is in full swing, and I’ll be semi-addressing that as well.

Maybe… subscribe to my feed, or bookmark me?

Or we can go blogroll for blogroll. Whatever’s good.

And remember,

You’re looking at what’s On My Paper.


2 Responses to “Blow the smoke out…”

  1. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Still didn’t get a shout-out, startin to think you ain’t recognising your loyal readers.

  2. reythehussein Says:

    Sheeeit, you BEEN on my blog rizzoll!

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