See What I See


The new job is hindering my posting. Shoutout to all those who blogroll me.
And remember, Graduation drops tomorrow. Here’s some things I’ve looked at recently.


Rizoh says “BOYCOTT HIP-HOP.” [therapup]

Ivan reminds you that although we’re in september, there’s still hot tracks out there. [hiphopisread]

Rey breaks down the MTV VMA’s [itain’tthatserious]

XFacta breaks down why it’s easy to hate Weezy. [bronxrap]

Nas in the 4th quarter? YESSSSSUR. [nahright]

M. Dot (One of my favourite Female bloggers EVER.) drops a rare rapid-fire post going from MF Doom to Beyonce to Pregos Stabbin’ each other. [themodelminority]

Gotty got Little Brother’s GetBack sampler. I suggest you listen to it. [smokingsection]


“This album is a breath of fresh air in a sea of ‘Wipe Me Down’s’ & ‘A Bay Bay’s’.” [nappyafro]


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