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Ya wanna get gun? Shoot.

September 30, 2007



Video’s galore. I especially am diggin the way “En Why Cee” was done. Brings new life to the song. [TSS]

About fucking time. [TheRapUp]

The Daily Show chimes in on the congress/hip-hop debacle. Hilarity ensues. [HipHopIsRead]

Oh and while you’re over there, Ivan’s got some end of september singles too. [HipHopIsRead]

Kanye actin’ (literally) a damn fool. [NahRight]

An incredible breakdown of “Black Republicans” that I wish I wrote. [BronxRap]

XFacta switched it up, has a new blog, and drops some new Styles P. [CyberThugs]

Make a boat, I make a plane.

September 28, 2007

Lupe Fiasco – Dumb It Down via The Cool

One of the better lyrical efforts of ’07. And I think this is more like a kudos to his fans, saluting to the fact that even though his second album is on the way, he’s not reaching for commercial status. And I hope he will continue to make music that satisifies himself, because if it turns out to be more of what we see here, I can’t wait. Oh and this, pretty much beats out any of the “bang bang” “I got the nine on me” “my gun sounds like the 4th of july” or latest dance craze ridiculousness that continues to run rampant. Breath of fresh air.

Track Eight, Verse Two, No Way Out

September 26, 2007


These here’s the dog years and motherfuckers don’t shed
I try to bring you life but motherfuckers want dead
So I travel with the barrel, with the chrome, with the lead
Cause when it’s on, then it’s on, the shots flowin through your head
I been rich I been poor I saved and blown bread
Some say I been here before because of the way I zone
Some said, Jigga zone is like the fallin of Rome
Reoccuring, that he thinks like that cause he’s observing
Won’t be known until I’m gone and niggaz study my bones
Mentally been many places, but I’m Brooklyn’s own
In the physical, onee seems, like a lost body
In fact my thoughts don’t differ much from that of God body
But it’s the odd shottie, that got cats, likening me
to the mob John Gotti, rap dudes bitin me cause
I got it locked like the late Bob Marley
Pardon me y’all, the great Bob Marley
Solemnly we mourn, all the rappers that’s gone
Niggaz that got killed in the field and all the babies born
Know they ain’t fully prepared for this New World Order
So I keep it ghetto like sunflower seeds and quarter waters
You walk em through it, you know, talk em through it
Know these beats is more than music whenever I talk to it
Destined for greatness and y’all knew this, when I doubled the pie
Had a shorty and a girdle comin out of B-W-I (in school)
I hated algebra but I loved to multiply
And I told my nigga Big I’d be multi before I die
It’s gonna happen whether rappin or clappin have it your way
Cause if that’s my dough you’re trappin, I’m clappin your way…


September 20, 2007


Work is kicking my ass.
But next week, things will be back to normal.
I’ve already got a couple of things cooking in the queue.
Shhhhhh, I might even reply to the call to arms at TSS.
Might have to step my pen game up.

Stay tuned.

Monkey Business

September 14, 2007

*Blank stare*

It’s what ya all been waiting for ain’t it?

September 13, 2007


“Can I talk my shit again? Even if I don’t hit again?