But few have been chose, to be a True MC…

OMP vs Common

I usually only review shit that I like, or would like. And this album is one of the best out this year.

1. Intro

A nice little one minute mixture of synths, harp and whatnot. I skipped this only out of sheer anticipation for the first song.

2. Start Of The Show (Feat. Kanye West)

I appreciate album sequencing. The first song to open an album needs to have an introductionary feel yet acknowledge your hardcore fan base. As soon as you hear ‘Ye on the chorus, you know it’s on. Com more or less lets everyone know he’s back and ain’t going nowhere. You also get a taste of the “new” style of production ‘Ye was trying to get across, chopping beats specifically to get a more J. Dilla-like sound. 5/5

3. The People

The second single. I remember when he dropped this and the internuts went crazy at the Primo line. I just laughed, because the people take things too seriously sometimes. I immediately related it to Gang Starr and how Guru and Premier musically fit together. That’s Dwele on the track right? 4/5

4. Drivin’ Me Wild (Feat. Lily Allen)

This track left hooked me in the chin and was on repeat for the first week. It’s the drums, sometimes a song gets it right and the rest just falls into place. Wifey #5 sings the hook. Some people don’t like the beat, I think it’s incredible. 5/5

5. I Want You (Feat. will.i.am)

I’ve never been a will.i.am fan (He lost me after Joints and Jams), production or otherwise, and I mean, Com tries. I listened through the entire song without skipping it because the track gets better at the bridge. It still feels like a filler track to me. 2/5

6. Southside (Feat. Kanye West)

The Chi-town city anthem by the sounds of it. Remember when this was the first track leaked before the superbowl? My money was on Indy. Dude at the end of the album version, that’s the same guy from “Another Wasted Night With…” right? 4/5

7. The Game (Feat. DJ Premier)

The first single. Rightly so, Lonnie spits venom, vintage ‘Ye beat and then in walks Primo completing the hip-hop trinity. I just wished they woulda kept the slowed down effect they included in the video with the song, I thought that was dope. 4/5

8. U, Black Maybe

This is why Common is top 5 for me. Being a person of colour, (Mixed rather, Canadian and Jamaican. Educated Light Skinned Brothas STAND UP.) this song speaks to me almost directly. And we don’t get a lot of social commentary songs like this very often, and Common is one of the best at it. The breakdown at the end is phenomenal. 5/5

9. So Far To Go (feat. D’Angelo)

Haven’t heard J. Dilla’s “The Shining” yet? It’s an amazing album, and this track was on it. Silky smooth chillout beat with sharp drums. D’Angelo’s due for an album like two years ago. 4/5

10. Break My Heart

When the beat actually drops, like during the verses, the song is great. But the chorus is just OK. 3/5

11. Misunderstood

“I send a rest in peace to Nina Simone” (c) Talib Kweli. The lone Devo Springsteen beat. Inspiring storytelling rap, a cornerstone in Common’s catalogue. 3/5

12. Forever Begins (feat. Pops)

Kinda strange that the last track is also my favourite on the entire album. Good choice on the drums, always a big fan of Piano riffs done right. Pops kills it as usual. 5/5

13. Play Your Cards Right (feat. Bilal) (BONUS TRACK)

Off of the “Smoking Aces” soundtrack. You know, the one with wifey #1 in it? Slick card and gambling metaphors. Bilal kills it on the chorus. Soulful trumpets with a lounge type feel (obviously). 4/5

Recap: Music that you can fight, fuck or dream to. Common comes correct again with Finding Forever. This unquestionably in my mind is the best hip-hop album released so far. I enjoyed Be, and this album was more of the same, which in the scheme of things(read: 2007 hasn’t been a good year for Hip-Hop.) isn’t too bad.


2 Responses to “But few have been chose, to be a True MC…”

  1. The-XFacta Says:

    Ha ha nice review… Yo right now Common is my fav mc… Kids just mad deep with the lyrics!

  2. T DOT Says:

    He’s always in my starting lineup.
    after seeing him live and him going off the dome talking about people’s LRG shirts and shit?

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