Kanye know my name, Timbo know my name…

OMP vs Swizz Beatz

Someone’s gotta go first. It just so happens that Swizzy’s latest made it’s way into my inbox first.

And remember: it’s just my thoughts… (c) Jay-Z


1. Product Man

Feels like a warm up before he goes in. You automatically know right away that you’re not to look for intricate lyrics. Just some bangin’ good thumps and sharp knocks that will have your headnoddin’ working overtime. Although, I can’t front, I was expecting a little bit more fanfare to start off the album. 2/5

2. It’s Me Bitches

It’s the single for a reason. To me, this song is undeniably hip-hop. Swagger in full effect, the homage lyric here and there, crazy. 4/5

3. Big Munny

Horrible chorus. The beat is mediocre. Not even gonna lie, it might grow on me later, but I skipped this track. 1/5

4. Bust Yo Gunz (feat. Drag-On)

Sweeping synths, and that bass. Probably my favourite track on the album production-wise. 5/5

5. You Know Your Boy Did That

A little bit more spaced out of a track, and another chance for Swizzy to let you know he’s BEEN doing this for a while. 4/5

6. The Funeral

More of an introspective and honest song, I actually dig the angle he’s trying to go with this. Those keys are crazy and soulful, I’ll always appreciate a crisp piano line (a la 2pac’s “I Ain’t Mad At Cha”) with a nice uptempo beat. 4/5

7. Take A Picture

An ode to the fans. Bill Withers cashes another check. Feel good music. I like how Swizz sneaks in an old school lyric and refreshes peoples memory without devaluing the track, he does it several times throught the album, but it doesn’t become monotonous. 3/5

8. Top Down

That old school kung-fu orchestra, that seems to just push the track to wear it needs to be. Sounds like this would go over well performed live. Good choice for the bundled second single with… 3/5

9. Money In The Bank

Second favourite on the whole album, and I’m glad he chose this as his second single. 5/5

10. Part of The Plan (Feat. Chris Martin)

Yep, that dude from Coldplay. Go listen to it. 5/5

11. Snoop (Skit)

The D-O-Double G, leaves Swizz Beatz a message on his answering machine. Hilarious.

12. It’s Me Bitches (Remix) (Feat. Lil’ Wayne, R. Kelly & Jadakiss)

Lil Wayne shows up. (Chevy grill lookin’ like a set of new braces) R. Kelly does what he does. (Got chicks sayin’ “And I am tellin’ you…”) And then Jada at the end over the classic C.R.E.A.M. beat? Crazy. 4/5

Recap: You will not find intricate metaphors and similes here. Instead you’ll find a collection of tracks that easily get play in the whip. The standout tracks for me were the amped up tough-talkin swagger track “Bust Ya Gunz” and the very deep, personal and Chris Martin assisted “Part Of The Plan”. I skipped “Big Munny”, how you gonna have a spelling mistake on your song title and then have it flop so early in the album? I don’t know man. All and all still a solid, hip-hop, album.



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