Wipe the dust off.

June 19, 2014

*Taps mic* This thing still on?

I wonder what would happen if I started blogging again.

Like actually putting a half decent effort into it.

6 years later.

Think pieces, opinion pieces, and the occasional album review.


Fuckin’ beautiful…

September 21, 2008

Cody ChesnuTT – King Of The Game

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Still a common man, yes that’s for sure…

September 12, 2008

Q-Tip – Getting Up via The Renaissance

Dope beats (Dilla), Dope rhymes (The Abstract), what more do ya’ll what? SHOUT IT OUT! (c) Phonte

As a shorty, I was always told…

September 7, 2008

“…If I ain’t gon’ be part of the greatest, I gotta be the greatest myself…”

If you weren’t paying attention, The Smoking Section doesn’t sleep when it comes to interviews. [TSS]
“Why you the Bengals…?” “Because that’s my squad!” [NR]
If you didn’t know, I’ve BEEN supporting the Hamilton Administration. [OKP]
Ivan and the Team go in, like they usually on ?uestlove. Incredible. [HHIR]
If it’s true, and you’re just frontin’ until the ink is dry. Drake, I see you homie. Make sure Weezy gives you the support you need. Kardi is lonely down there right now. [2DB]
This is one of the greatest picture I’ve seen all summer. [IATS]

Mad Distractions…

August 29, 2008

I haven’t posted in a while… Here’s FIVE reasons why.
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Track Thirteen, Verse Two, The Minstrel Show

August 8, 2008

Uhh, (whoo)
Ain’t no need in gettin’ teary eyed
Tay’s the illest, point blank period
Plus I got niggas, in DC
That’ll hit you for 3G’s and a box of Yum’s carry out
Outlook lookin’ scary now
They was frontin’ before but now they seein’ that we serious
This ain’t a peace talk, so muhfucka save your sweet (suite) talk
For reservations at the Marriott
They say birds of a feather often flock together
But me and Big Pooh rock together
And if not forever
I’mma reach to the sky, and keep flyin’ high like we got propellers
‘Goddamn, y’all boys doin’ it’, they stop to tell us
And if God propel us to the top, I won’t go pop
No need to act a fool in public
‘Cause when you, ego trip you just lose your luggage and well…
I ain’t got no time top play with ‘cha
I’m Phonte, international stage ripper done
Made friends and made figgas
while you stuck on the front porch
Mad, like you fixin’ ta shave Mister
That’s reality, so color me purple
My name in history, nigga that’s what I work for
Better keep it moving like the laws of inertia
Before these Carolina boys come hurt ‘cha
better tell ’em bout it…